Tariffs:  Nebraskans Should Not Have to “Feel the Pain” for Trump

APRIL 10, 2018

Our President seems to want a tariff war. He is paying back special groups that supported him money-wise in his last election. The President knows how to push
a trade war, hurt people, and people that have the least power to retaliate at the
polls. The Presidents trade representative says tariffs are warranted by the U.S. and the President says will have to “feel some pain”.  The farmers are only 1% of the population. He doesn’t care about such a small group of voters. I do. The Democrats have always helped underdog and the President is certainly picking on the underdog with the American farmer.  President sounds desperate and out of control to have imposed this blight on farmers.  And Nebraska is one of the state that greatly supported President Trump in the last election.

If elected I will aggressively try to protect farmers from using farmers as cannon fodder in Trump’s tariff wars.

National Security

National Security

The people of this country are truly the finest in the world. We have fought wars and defeated enemies. After the wars we supplied the defeated with money, food, and knowledge to rebuild their countries with very little payback from them. Who else in modern history has done this? We are living at a time of decision making and choices that our representatives will make the future for us. These decisions may be good or bad and we will have to live with these decisions.

Here are some ideas on the possibility of nuclear war and defense against it.

If we have positive information that an enemy will attack, we should attack first. We should remember and learn from Pearl Harbor when the Japanese made the first attack. No doubt we are preparing a strike force that would attack any place in the world to destroy the enemy. We did not attack first in World War II and we paid the price.

It is possible that the U.S. will not make the first strike. In either case we must prepare. A nuclear war or even a conventional war will cause great loss of life, but everyone will not be gone.  However, it may destroy some of our food supply and distribution systems.  Non-perishable food should be stored around these cities at a proper distance, as has been done in the past. Such food could be cheese or wheat with water, which both make excellent survival food.  This food must be owned by the government.  Ask the present Secretary of Agriculture how much non perishable food we have in storage in case of an attack. He would tell you only days worth of supplies, if it is available.

We must stop making bombs and other war machines and spend our money on non-perishable food for this country. It would be beneficial if both Republicans and Democrats worked this out to the advantage of this country. This action would give the American people a sense of security.


Food Security

Food Security

In order for the US to continue to have adequate food supplies, we must protect our farmers. At the present time, some of our farmers are not making it, because many of our markets have disappeared. All of the grain producing countries have adequate price support policies to protect their farmers, except the U.S.The foreign farmers with good price supports plant fence row to fence row and supply their own country with adequate grain and ship the excess to our country. This crushes our market; our farmers end up with prices below break even.

We need to estimate the amount of grain that we need, buy it from our farmers and prevent the foreign producers from dumping their excess production on our markets.  Our farmers should have some security.  If we over produce the excess should be stored until we have a shortage.  Our consumers will have security.  In the past we had stored grain that the rest of the world could buy from us.  This grain provided dollar stabilization, instead of gold.  The United States needs this security.  Nebraska is a major food producing state because of its climate, soil and water.  We can provide this security for the benefit of all of our people.


Press Release


APRIL 4, 2018

Frank Svoboda is running for U.S. Senate and announced that his number one priority is to fight back against

Trump’s anti-agricultural tariff policies. “Trump has put is into a war, a trade war. We cannot allow Nebraska ag

producers to be used as cannon fodder. Three days ago China has announced a 25% tariff on pork. Today a 25%

tariff on soybeans. Nebraska grows 5 million acres of soybeans. As for our corn, Mexico is already loosing

confidence with the U.S. as a supplier due to NAFTA concerns with us, not to mention “The Wall”.”

“Ag exports are our lifeblood and the backbone of Nebraska’s economy.”

“If I am chosen Senator I intend to aggressively do what can be done to protect Nebraska agriculture from being

sacrificed by the Administration for whatever his objectives are. I will work with my colleagues, Republican or

Democrats, on this issue. There are other options to explore to deal with China than crippling the agricultural

powerhouse that Nebraska is.”

Svoboda farmed wheat, corn, soybeans, peas, and cattle when he wasn’t in the courthouse as a lawyer or a judge.